Mobotix CCTV solution

Alarm Innovations has designed and installed a Mobotix CCTV solution for Greenslopes Shopping Mall which employs Wi-Fi bridge point-to-point technology to reduce the expense of cabling in a large and complex brownfield site. 

GREENSLOPES Shopping Mall sits on a 1.45Ha site at Greenslopes in Brisbane. Typical of many older suburban malls in Brisbane, Greenslopes serves a local community that is growing fast through an increase in high-density housing in the area. The increase is customer traffic has increased the demand for a video surveillance solution to allow management to provide enhanced safety and security and protect the mall against litigation.

Brisbane-based Alarm Innovations was called in to design and install the new security system for the centre, which was up and running in less than a week. By using Wi-Fi bridge point-to-point technology, the need for cabling through premises within the centre was virtually eliminated, keeping disruption to businesses to an absolute minimum and making installation easier for the technical team. A wireless bridge receives signals from wireless routers and propagates them out to wired devices, significantly extending a wireless network – Wi-Fi bridges are ideal for larger sites like shopping centres.    

A combination of MOBOTIX i25, c25 and p25 cameras has been installed to cover the mall, their primary purpose being to protect against litigation risks as a result of accidents and other incidents which could occur. Footage is monitored in the centre’s control room using Mobotix MxControlCenter software and can easily be viewed remotely from head office in Melbourne as well.